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Puppy Yoga Zurich - The concept

Welcome to Puppy Yoga Zurich, more than just a yoga studio. It's your perfect escape to practice yoga while snuggling with our adorable four-legged friends. Our sessions contribute to the puppies' socialization and prepare them for adoption. As a true hub of interaction and sharing, our Puppy Parties bring together a community of fun and dynamic yogis in a relaxing environment. Join us for a mix of fitness, laughter, and puppy cuddles, and experience something beyond traditional yoga.


Our Puppy Yoga Sessions

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Yoga Flow

Begin your journey with a series of revitalizing poses, set against a backdrop of soft music, immersing you in a world of serenity. It's the perfect moment to align body and mind, preparing yourself for the vibrant energy of the puppies.

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Puppy Party

Take a break, breathe, and get ready to be swept away by a wave of joy! Here, it's anything but serious. Surrender to the irresistible charm of puppies, ready to play and offer you moments of unforgettable happiness.

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Paws and Zen

Conclude with a soothing finale where meditation meets the playful world of puppies. Picture a perfect fusion between deep relaxation and the warmth of little furballs. A unique experience that awakens the heart and soothes the mind.

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